TyPoSie is my third blog now. (Well, it’s probably more like my sixth, but certain blogs shan’t be spoken of, eh?) At present, each has a very specific focus (from which, of course, I veer on regular occasion): The Bleed, to which I devote the majority of my blogging time, is actually not so much a blog as an arts journal dedicated specifically to visual, concrete and experimental poetry. There’s already a wealth of mind-blowing work there, so please do go check it out.

SinTax is my personal project. There I post fresh vispoetical and typographic works, usually hot-off-the-press pieces I’ve finished just moments before posting. It’s sort of my online workshop, and I’m always ready to hear and take into account responses to my work there.

But what will TyPoSie be, exactly? It’s a good question, and I’m not really sure how to answer it, to be absolutely honest. My thought is that I’ll follow the byline: All things lang. Language is, after all, my great obsession. And that’s language in all its manifestations, from the manipulation of letterforms as graphical objects as in typography and visual poetry to grammar, syntax and style to poetry and fiction. So, in short, anything involving language might rear its ugly head here …


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